One of my favorite Quilts

One of my favorite Quilts

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cleaning the Closet and Spring Wardrobe Take 4

This has been such a fun and rewarding activity.  While space is an issue for many that was not my problem.  My closet is jumbo sized, not really a big problem but it can lead to quite a mess.  Really the need to get rid of clothes had nothing to do with space.  I want to live a more simple life.  While living this simple life I wanted to increase my style.  Finding capsule wardrobes seemed the best way to achieve this goal.  I could still have simple comfortable style but the wardrobe was be cohesive.  I get to use my creative brain to put together clothes I would have never thought to put together just weeks ago.
I do think this thought started a few years ago.  I watched this TED talk on the paradox of choice.  I really enjoyed this one.  His style is a style I completely understand.  His talk made sense to me.  Too much choice is not making me happy.  I could look in a closet full of clothes and think I have nothing to wear.  Now that is not a problem I have.  I only have a few options but I love all of them.
I am also reading some great books.  They are the alphabet series by Sue Grafton.  I love these books.  The main character Kinsey Millhone  is such a great character.  She lives a much more exciting life than I would feel comfortable with but her home does seem quite perfect to me.  It is much smaller than the home I currently live in but I do have a desire to downsize.  Cleaning out excess will be an important thing to do if I really do downsize one day.
Clearing out the clutter in my life is what I am trying to do.  I will just do it one step at a time and while in the processes work hard to love what I have.  
Here is a look at another comfortable outfit.  I tried to have photos taken outside but I had a really hard time keeping my eyes open.  Do take a look at our new garage door!  Exciting stuff I know. 
Here is another look at this simple but fun outfit.
Let's finish with a look at all the clothes I have going to get to donate!

Soon I will have my complete Spring Wardrobe!  I do plan to share that with all of you very soon.

Keep it simple and have fun in 2015

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