One of my favorite Quilts

One of my favorite Quilts

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Capsule is Coming Together

I am so excited!  I am doing my first capsule wardrobe for this spring.  I have been thinking about this through the winter since finding the blog un-fancy.  This blog is amazing and Caroline does have great style.  I waited until she released her spring capsule and then got to work.  One thing I did have to think about was color.  While a simple life of gray, black and white would be great, that just is not me.  My life is full of color and I see no reason to change that.  The colors I settled on are blue, teal, purple, green, orange, gray, black and white.  Oh and pink since my favorite shirt is pink. 
Next was the hard part for me.  What would I wear.  I decided on 35-40 pieces.  I am going from no fashion to well some fashion.  I just wear cloths -jeans and a shirt.  This has worked well for me, but I am looking to have a little more style.  I went through my cloths and had a good start but I still needed a lot.  I am working on buying many items.  This is the most money I have spent on clothes in a very long time, possibly my whole life.  I saved for a long time to be able to do this.  I was beginning to feel quite nervous about this.  Of course today I found 2 holes in the shirt I am wearing and that does remind me it has been quite awhile since I have bought myself cloths.  I have been having so much fun planning this springs wardrobe.  Now if the weather can start being a little spring like.

Have Fun

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