One of my favorite Quilts

One of my favorite Quilts

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wine Class

I am a week behind, of course I am.  The long holiday weekend was spent cleaning the upstairs of the house.  It was such a needed project.  Recently, in the spring, we changed our flooring downstairs.  It looks so much better!  It looks so good that nearly everything we had downstairs stayed upstairs.  We finally cleaned up that mess.  It looks so nice upstairs I will actually invite people up and not be embarrassed.  It looks nice, not great, so if you come over don't expect too much.  I might be overselling this change.
Back to the point of this post.  We went to wine class.  It is such a fun way to spend an evening.  Meet with friends, try some new wines, and learn some new things.  That week we had Murphy-Goode Wines.  I did enjoy all the wines.  Some were definitely better than others, but it's clear the winemaker does know what he is doing.  Some of the wines are a bit too sweet for my tastes but I do think they will work for a good majority of wine drinkers here in the USA.  Here's a look at what we tasted.

A little too much oak for me, but if you like Fume Blanc try this one.

Really nice for a California Pinot Grigio.

Smooth and sweet, a great price and some of the money goes to the troops.

My least favorite of the night but still pretty good for a California Pinot Noir.

I liked this one.

Quite Nice.

Really liked this one.

My favorite of the night.

Good value.

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